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PostSubject: Dragonhand   Dragonhand EmptyTue Jan 04, 2011 4:11 am


Name: Fábio
Gender: dude
Country: Portugal
Age: 24
Activity: More then 10 hours per week, unless I'm on exams(Hours a Week)
Friend of: Micas, Aenwe, Mega, old UB crew(names)


Why do you want to join LoS?: PvP, PvP, and... Ppl I know is there =)
Why should you get invited into LoS?: Hard to tell why I should... thats up to the leader and helpers... I like the game, I have experience as a player and as a leader, from what I saw the clan organization is similar to the clan I used to lead, and I love to have fun playing with other ppl.


Charname: Dragonhand
Classes: Elvan Elder
levels: 61 atm
Armor(s): Karmian, making money to buy DC, as MJ is too expensive
Weapon(s): SOV

Extra info's

Are you prepared to use Mumble? (Voice Chat Program): Micas gave me the thing already, so yes.
Got a decent PC?: yes i3 6dedicated ram GF 1gb
Old clans/alliances: Legion of Scythe academy Razz
Any important info you wanna tell us: Currently on exams, it will be over in 2 weeks.
L2 History: The list is too long so I'll make it short... the last time I played seriously was as a Leader of TugaS in l2paradise. Apart from that I played in XcaperS alliance and the alliance formed after XcaperS disband, L2Staris, played with UB in supreme, with TugaS again, but not as a leader in the Abyss.

HAVE YOU READ AND AGREED TO THE RULES?: 1 little thing... may I take mikas as a bd to the coliseum and kill her over and over and over and over again? a little revenge from a past life ^^

Apart from that, yes I agree.

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