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 NeoStyleZ's Application

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NeoStyleZ's Application Empty
PostSubject: NeoStyleZ's Application   NeoStyleZ's Application EmptyMon Nov 15, 2010 1:32 pm

hello all i want to join ur clan o i made application :=)


2.Experience.I started lineage on private server chronicle was c1 i got alot of experience also on gracia since i was playing teon

3.Preferred class.I prefer archer/sph dunno yet and i dunno what u need what is better to constant CP

4.Can you use ts / vt? yes i can use both but prefer TS ( i will be always Oline on TS but i will speak rarely cuz my english voice really suck , i'am from france Smile )

5.Average online.Depend but around 4/6 depend of the time of the cp since is boring to play alone Very Happy
and if iam at job or not

6.Level/items => lvl 1 neti'bow + neti dagger :=)

7.Something about you. i dont know what u need to know about me ask me and i will answer u

8.Previous Servers / teon / l2paradise/ l2Pvpx / L2ikon and some other

9.Nick in game NeoStyleZ

10. Where are you from. France Smile

Your clan look organised and with many CP , i think i can be usefull to help clan member if i can

iam w8ing ur answer Smile
See u IG today hihi Smile

NeoStyleZ afro
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NeoStyleZ's Application
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