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 Application form ( Siedun )

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PostSubject: Application form ( Siedun )   Application form ( Siedun ) EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 10:15 pm

Name: Yanko
Gender: Male
Country: Bulgaria
Age: 18
Activity: Well, I suppose about 20-30 hours a week.I'll play mostly in the evenings and during the night if we're camping or the clan needs me.
Friend of: I don't think I know anyone in that clan.


Why do you want to join LoS?: I was browsing the clans that are recruiting, searching for an English speaking clan, and bumped into this one.I read the info and rules and I think you're just what I'm looking for.

Why should you get invited into LoS?: I'll be quite active, my SAT exam is in 2 days so I'll have lots of free time after that.I think I'm mature for my age (there's no way to convince you in that untill you talk and play with me but anyway...) I have decent l2 experience (been playing it since I was 14, on c3). I know I was quite too young for a game like this but eventually I got the hang of it Very Happy . Another good feature about me is that I'm a team player.The reason I love l2 is because it's all about team play and alone you can't achieve anything.So I'll always take the chance to be in a clan exp party or answer a call for pvp (especially pvp, imo this is the most fun part).


Charname: Siedun
Classes: Th or he, whichever of these you want me to be.

Extra info's

Are you prepared to use Mumble? (Voice Chat Program): Sure, I also have a mic and decent English speaking.
Got a decent PC?: Yes, 4gb ram, 4 core processor etc...
Old clans/alliances: I was in Pink Pandas on x5 world but had to quit the game due to exams.
Any important info you wanna tell us: Well, I think I'm a good player and a friendly person so I'd really want to get a chance to prove myself in your community.
L2 History: I've been playing l2 since c3 (started on Hobby), I've changed too many servers to remember all of them, unfortunately.The 3 recent ones are, Hindemith 1x (retail), Celes 7x, rpg-club 5x.

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Application form ( Siedun ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application form ( Siedun )   Application form ( Siedun ) EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 11:40 pm

Hello young player, this forum is no longer in use, instead please take ur time to go here - http://www.losclan.eu/index.php?site=forum&board=1 and copy/paste your application!

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Application form ( Siedun )
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