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 LOS rules topic

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PostSubject: LOS rules topic   LOS rules topic EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 2:25 pm

Here are the rules Made by The leaders Of LegionOfScythe,
if you got questions or w.e ask him.


Every clan has the same standards for this.
treat all members like you like to be Treated yourself.

Interfering or pushing one of the leaders to do what you want is not allowed, first warning then last warning then kick. no exceptions. We run this clan for fun, and we do it on our own method, Sometimes slow, get over it.

When there is a problem Between you and another member or leader. Contact a currently online leader. they will always try their best to fix this problem.


Items to deposit:
Anything thats sitting in your WH that you wont need, will never need. Deposit in CWH.
We do not use anything for Personal use. we will use your stuffz to helpz teh rest.

If you have obtained any items you don't need, and you want to sell/trade this. Always try to get a trade in the clan / Ally before shouting it on the market.every items sold to a clan/alliance members should be underneath market price.

- Any party in the clan with Full drop will go to the person that gets it. if he doesnt need it, it will go to the next person that needs it.
- RAID party drops go to CWH.
- Any item obtained FROM CWH given to you by a leader, is not for sale, and if caught in selling any items obtained by Clan you will be Punished.
- If you leave clan, we wish to see all items which you obtained from clan returned. Especially epics!

When you decide to go red, Let the PT you are in Know. if you are Solo'n we strongly Advice you not to go red.
When you are going to flag, make sure the party knows.
If you lose any items because you went red, Then its your own fault. but please do let us know. we might have them laying around.
there's always a few clans that you cant attack. all explained deeper in the forums.


This game exist of mainly hard boring grinds, to make these a little Funnier and cooler... go with clan parties.
grind parties can be on different areas. here are a few examples:
Imperial Tomb, Giants cave, Catacombs/Necropolis's, Tower of insolence, forge of gods, Varka... not to mention the S80 grind areas.
try to organize parties when ur not in one. and always try to Obtain items the clan can use.

Raids will be organized on special days or can occur spontaneously. be prepared at anytime, and MOVE when ppl ask you. so don't hang around other hunting areas to long. be prepared for PVP.

When a main support in the clan needs a party, your not just encouraged but FORCED to take this person in ur party.
if you dont help them they wont help you.

Its actually good way to know people. This is also best way to spread news.

We use Mumble for communication.
we expect all of you to have it.

Login = Mumble. Mute yourself or w.e. We don't care, but be there.
its part of communication we need badly.
Use English at all times
other Languages are Allowed in vent when your alone, or sit in the Weird language channel.
Ignoring this rule will result in punishments.


- Minimum of 1 Subclass support (or main) each char in the clan. Supports cannot be taken last. (unless your using BOX active.)
- Each member should be able to be used in Fighter and mage parties.
Clan/ally parties >>> All.

When you are in random PT, always try to get another PT in clan/ally while in this random PT.
Leave ur PT when someone needs you, i dont care if your in a raid, or if they are your friends.

These are the rules that need to be accepted before entering the clan.
not following these rules = Kick

Greetings PleaseBleed & Ryuuketsu

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LOS rules topic
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